gong cha, a popular tea drink shop throughout asia
Hanging LanternsJogyesa Temple, KoreaPhoto via Flickr
Curried Potato Puffs”These curry puffs are actually a Malaysian street food.”Photo via Flickr
Hawker Style Noodles”S. East Asian hawker styled street food meets Western styled restaurant w/ a hip.”Photo via Flickr
Dogzilla”A hot dog in a soft, sweet bun with teriyaki mayo, bacon, grilled onions, avocado and furikake (seaweed mix).”Photo via Flickr
Monks breakfast in Laos"The Laotian people give food to the monks in the streets, and when the monks baskets are full, they throw some food to the little beggars who follow them…"Photo and Content Source
YakisobaPhoto via Flickr