TteokbokkiPhoto via Flickr
Black Rice DessertPhoto via Flickr
Presenting to you, the Sushirrito.
It’s basically sushi wrapped in a burrito-type of form. Craving for Mexican or Japanese food? Grab a sushirrito.
(Photo via Flickr)
Various Asian sweetsNot sure what each one is, but hey, they all look delicious. Photo via Flickr 
Siew MaiOne of my childhood favorites.Photo via flickr 
Egg TartsWho loves egg tarts? I do!Photo via Flickr 
Hong Kong Rice and Fruit Dessert"…a dessert made of sticky rice, some sort of jello, and fruit. Just one of those things you try when your friends insist it’s good. It was!" Photo via Flickr 
Egg WafflesEgg waffles, also known as eggettes, are a popular street food in Hong Kong.Photo via flickr 
Taiwanese Shaved Ice with Strawberries I mean, who wouldn’t say no to this?! NOM NOM. 
Kimchi RamenKimchi + Ramen = NOM NOM NOM.